Slab Leak Services in McKinney, TX

When you visit McKinney, TX, the various activities and events in the city will certainly keep you entertained and interested. Residents and business owners know that there is plenty of history to dive into and natural beauty found in the parks around the city. 

There are many shops and restaurants to patron in the historic downtown and the Chestnut Square Historic Village. For nature lovers, the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary, Towne Lake Recreation Area, and Erwin Park Hike and Bike Trail are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

When it comes to owning a home or a business in McKinney, the foundation of the building is of the utmost importance. Residents and business owners are sure to have enjoyed (and continue to do so) the historic sites and nature trails. The upkeep of their buildings, especially the foundation, is an essential aspect of daily life. The foundation is the support structure of the whole building, so the foundation must be in the best possible condition.

One of the primary problems affecting the structural integrity of your home’s foundation is a slab leak when a pipe seeps water. If you notice the typical signs and symptoms of slab leaks, it is in your McKinney, TX, home, or business’ best interest to contact a slab detection and repair company such as the Slab Leak Doctor.

Causes of Concrete Slab Leaks

As any plumbing company in Texas will tell homeowners, several common causes of slab water leaks. These include:

  • Activities that seriously disrupt the soil beneath the home, such as earthquakes, soil erosion, or ground shifts, put pressure on the pipes they cannot withstand.
  • Extreme pH levels in the water can corrode pipes. Alkaline or acidic water in the lines can be corrosive, which leads to a higher chance of a slab leak.
  • Neglect or a lack of maintenance and monitoring can also lead to a water or sewer line leak. When a homeowner does not get an annual inspection of the water pipes, slab leaks can easily develop and surprise the homeowner with a large plumbing bill.
  • Water pipe installation, which resulted in dents or bent pipes. These dents wear over time, and a small leak can begin at any moment, and slab leak repair will be needed as soon as possible.
  • Corrosion and abrasion are caused by the constant increase and decrease of temperature, especially common in hot water pipes. The movement within the lines causes them to rub against rocks and concrete, and a small leak may appear.

If you are unsure what to look for when detecting a slab leak or what may be needed as far as a slab leak repair, it is important to contact plumbing experts in McKinney, TX, to provide you with detection and slab leak repair services. You will certainly see the repair reflected in your water bills.

In recent years we’ve expanded our services beyond simple slab leaks to include general plumbing problems like clogs and root intrusion. This expansion has allowed us to offer more comprehensive solutions for your home or business’s needs than any competitor can match!  

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leak detection begins with the homeowner or business owner monitoring and maintaining the foundation. If you suspect that there may be a slab leak, there are certain signs that you should be aware of. These include:

  • Spikes in the water bill
  • Wet spots in the carpeting, especially above hot water pipes
  • Mildew or mold under the carpeting
  • Smell of mold throughout the house
  • Damp or warm floors
  • Cracks in the walls or baseboards
  • Unusually low water pressure
  • Running water sounds when the pipes are not in use
  • Standing water around the home

When any of these signs of a water leak appear in your house or business, do not wait to contact an experienced plumbing company such as Slab Leak Doctor in McKinney, TX.

Detecting slab leaks requires a professional touch because our expert detection techniques can pinpoint the exact location of a slab leak. Through residential and commercial plumbing services such as drilling, jackhammering, and infrared imaging, our water leak detection specialists will find the precise spot of the leak so that slab repair can begin.

Repair for Slab Leaks

Slab leak repair should certainly be done by a trained, licensed, bonded, and insured professional plumbing company. At Slab Leak Doctor in McKinney, TX, we use the warning signs of a slab leak that you discussed, detect the location, and begin the slab repair process. When completed by a professional foundation repair company, the slab leak repair can be far less intrusive and expensive than a homeowner or business owner may expect.

Our slab leak repair professionals will use one of two methods to repair slab leaks in your home or business. These include sealing the leaking pipe by injecting epoxy resin into the line or applying an epoxy liner to the entire pipe to prevent water leaks. We will determine which of the two methods will work best for your situation to ensure no further foundation repair is needed.

Contact Our Slab Leak Detection and Repair Specialists

At Slab Leak Doctor, our plumbers are available to discuss your situation. We are happy to schedule an appointment with you to visit your property as soon as possible and inspect for potential concrete slab leaks. When we visit your home, our professional plumbers will do our inspection, identify potential causes of the leak, and provide you with all of the repairs and solutions that are available to you.

Contact our professional plumbing experts if you are a resident or business owner in McKinney, TX, and believe that you may have a slab leak that affects your foundation’s structural integrity. Our slab leak repair team will be honest and reliable throughout the process because we understand how challenging it can be to deal with a plumbing issue. Contact us today to learn more about our slab leak detection and repair service.