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Drainage and sewer leakages are incredibly messy. The majority of business owners mostly consider the maintenance and repair cost when taking care of their plumbing needs. However, there are only two choices. Either hire a handyperson or a professional commercial plumber. There are plenty of reasons why you should opt for plumbing services from a professional commercial plumber over a handyman.

There are many risks involved if you choose a handyman. The job might get poorly done, and you may have to incur additional expenses. Poorly done plumbing systems can lead to sewer or drain leakages, exposing you, your family, or your workmates to serious health problems. The electrical devices at home or your workplace may also be ruined if they come into contact with water.

To avoid such occurrences, investing in a plumbing company that offers commercial and residential services is worth investing in. Slab Leak Detection & Repair is a trusted company in Texas City and surrounding areas.

What Commercial Plumbing Services Do We Offer?

Fixture Repairs and Installations


Do you need assistance to fix or repair damaged plumbing fixtures? You don’t need to be bothered anymore. Whether your goal is to remodel your restroom or commercial kitchen, or you want a leaking fixture fixed, our team of experts will get the job done as effectively as possible to ensure your resume working normally.

At Slab Leak Detection & Repair, we will take care of all your plumbing issues, big and small. If any of your plumbing fixtures fail to function as usual, simply give us a call, and we will have the repairs done for you. We also install several fixtures, including toilets, sinks, and faucets, if you want to remodel or build your residential home or business.

One advantage of working with us is that we serve quality and long-lasting solutions with our trained professionals. Whether you want residential plumbing or commercial plumbing services, we will send professional plumbers with knowledge, experience, and tools to address your specific needs. 

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water heating systems are vital in many businesses, especially those in the healthcare, hotel, and hospitality industries. Troubles with water heating systems can arise in your residential or commercial facility. Or, perhaps you want to set up a water heater for your brand new building. We have the best and experienced specialists to offer you the most cost-effective services and outstanding workmanship.

There are certain repairs in your home or business that can be solved without a professional, but water heater repair is unique. A water heating system is not only complicated but can also be potentially dangerous. Only professional plumbers can handle some issues. In addition, the repairs will be perfectly performed by someone who clearly understands their work.

If you want a solid water heating system repair or preventative maintenance, contact Slab Leak Detection & Repair in Frisco, TX, as we have the license to work on all types of water heaters. Above all, we are adequately experienced in offering solutions to any defect you could be dealing with.

Complete Piping Overhaul

Are you managing an older commercial or residential building? It is common for older buildings to experience plumbing problems, especially water line leakages. Over time, water supply lines can decay or rust, and timely replacement is paramount if you don’t want serious water damages along the way.

With the professionalism and experience of our plumbers, we will assess the extent of damage to your water supply lines and advise accordingly as to whether to repair the pipes or do a piping overhaul.  We understand that performing a complete piping overhaul can be stressful, but our experts will take the necessary time to present you with the best solutions that will match your needs. 

Garbage Disposal Replacements

Garbage disposals in Texas City are normally powered by electricity and installed under a kitchen sink between the sink and the trap that grates food into small pieces that can travel through your home’s plumbing. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that garbage disposal is designed to handle light food residue rinsed from utensils and plates before placing them in the dishwasher.

When garbage disposal becomes clogged or worn out, it can send out unpleasant smells throughout your kitchen. Large pieces of certain foods placed down the disposal can clog your drain and cause it to back up into space just below your sink.  When you turn on the switch to activate the garbage disposal only to realize a metal-on-metal grinding sound, it’s an indication that something is amiss.

Our professional plumbers from Galveston County know exactly what needs to be done in your apartment, office, or any other industry to reactivate your garbage disposal. All our residential and commercial plumbing services are rendered using the highest quality plumbing technologies. Tasks will involve drain cleaning, upgrading your plumbing system, routine maintenance, and clearing a clogged drain.

Why Use Our Commercial Plumbing Repair Services?

Our experienced commercial plumbers at Slab Leak Detection & Repair are aware of the various problems that normally affect drainage, sewer, and water heating systems in your home or business premises. Our experts undergo the necessary training and education about all the designs and functions of plumbing services in La Marque or Texas City. They will know what to look for and diagnose the issue without wasting time. In addition, they will recommend the appropriate routine maintenance practices using the highest quality tools and equipment to address your plumbing needs. 

We understand the importance of having every team member possess a valid license to allow them to work in the field. So, it is our priority to ensure that your assigned technicians have a working permit issued by the Texas State.

Irrespective of the size of your residential or commercial plumbing project, you should always trust our technicians, who can instantly produce their working permits at your request. The license is proof that the professionals have met all the required standards set by the authorities in Texas City to work within the communities.

In addition, we ensure that our commercial or residential plumbing professionals have liability and worker’s compensation insurance for the safety of your property and our workers. We will assign you nothing less of a licensed plumber of your choice.

We understand the risks involved in entrusting your water and drainage systems with a semi-skilled plumber or a handyman. We value every asset in your home or commercial space, and that is why we ensure that qualified and experienced technicians handle the plumbing problems you are dealing with.

Based on the plumbing services you need, we counter-check the background of the professionals before assigning any project or contract. Our experts are ready and willing to present their certificates of qualifications before acquiring a contract to work on your premises.

We also ensure that all our commercial plumbing services are rendered by professionals who have undergone the ideal formal vocational training. Moreover, they should have passed all the necessary exams.

If you are after commercial plumbing services, don’t hesitate to ask our previous clients about our highly recommended practices within the region. Some of your colleagues or friends may have previously completed projects with our technician.

In addition, we have dealt with several real estate agents who believe that we rank among the best commercial plumbing service providers in Houston, Texas, and its environments. Feel free to ask about their experiences in working with us to help you in making an informed decision. Don’t hesitate to make a phone call or visit our office for free consultation services.

We clearly understand that every property owner’s goal is to work with an expert who can professionally meet their projects’ needs. As a local contractor, we treat all our clients equally. Our courteous customer care team of plumbers is available through our 24/7 emergency hotline to cater to various issues. You can easily reach our team through a text message, phone call, or visit us at any time of the day. Alternatively, visit our website for additional information regarding the services that we offer. As our customer at Slab Leak Detection & Repair, you will be given priority.

Based on the size of your plumbing project, we are always ready and willing to give you price quotations to all our clients. We pride ourselves in offering the most competitive rates for your commercial space or residential plumbing needs in Frisco, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

Before we request payment for plumbing services, you are assigned a professional to assess your situation. This assessment is important because it will give us an idea about the exact equipment and materials necessary to complete your job.

Final Thought

For any commercial residential or commercial plumbing problems you’re currently experiencing, it is advisable to choose a trustworthy and reliable contractor. Slab Leak Detection & Repair is a highly reputable and reliable commercial plumbing service provider with experienced professional plumbers that you can count on at any time. Call us today and have all your plumbing issues resolved within the shortest time possible.

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