Slab Leak Services in Carrollton, TX

A slab leak is the type of leak occurring from pipes below the building’s foundation or concrete slab. If left ignored and untreated, it can cause serious damage to your home, including its foundation, walls, and floors. Even a small leak needs to be addressed immediately. 

If you think there is a slab leak somewhere in your house, the best decision is to hire a professional plumber specializing in urgent plumbing issues. If you are searching for one in Carrollton, TX or other nearby areas, Slab Leak Doctor is the company you need to contact. We have been working in this industry for over 40 years by providing such services as leak detection, tunnel jobs, sewer protection, and hydrostatic testing. In addition, we also negotiate with your insurance to make sure that you get the coverage you need. 


Emergency Plumbing Services

Do you live in Carrollton, TX, or any other nearby area, and need emergency residential or commercial plumbing services? You should contact Slab Leak Doctor – the local company with over 40 years of professional experience that works with both commercial and residential clients. Our mission is to help our customers to solve their plumbing issues, including slab leaks. Our qualified and skilled professionals will be able to detect a leak and find where it is coming from in order to fix it as quickly as possible. As a result, we prevent more severe and serious issues that may cause damage to your home’s walls and floors, an increase in your water bill, and the growth of mold in the house. 

What are the most common symptoms of a leak in your house?

Here are the signs indicating that there might be a leak in your house:

  • Mold or mildew odor. A leak makes water get trapped under the floorboards by causing a very unpleasant musty smell. If the leak remains undetected or unaddressed, you may start seeing actual mold growing throughout your house. Therefore, if there is a mold or mildew odor in your house, it is recommended to check immediately such areas as closets, the basement, and cupboards under the sinks. 
  • Your water bills are rising. Do you have to pay for water more than usual? A sudden increase in the water bill for no reason usually means that there is a leak somewhere. The worst thing is that the leak can be hidden (like a slab leak), so you might not be able to see it. 
  • You noticed changes in the foundation. If your foundation is shifting or settling, this is probably because of a leak that has already caused soil erosion and significant foundation changes. One of the first and most common signs of this problem is cracks in the walls. 
  • The water pressure is low. If you take a shower and notice that there is less water coming out, you should suspect a leak. You can turn off all of your fixtures and look at the meter. If the meter is still running, there is definitely a leak somewhere. 

Water Leaks

Insurance Coverage

Paying for leak detection and repairs out of pocket can be extremely expensive. At Slab Leak Doctor, we understand it and we want to help. Therefore, one of our missions is to make sure that our customers receive proper coverage from their insurance companies. If you are working with us, you do not even have to call your insurance company – we will do it, so you do not have to worry and stress out. 


We understand that not everyone can pay for leak detection and repair services upfront. Therefore, we help our customers to receive the financing they need. We provide financing through Wisetack that gives up to $2,500 without borrower fees. This amount can be used for any type of repair, including plumbing. Applying for Wisetack financing is a great opportunity to pay for your repairs, even when you think you cannot afford them. 


Need Slab Leak Services?

Are you searching for a professional company in Carrollton, TX, and other surrounding towns specializing in slab leak repair? Congratulations, you have found one. It is Slab Leak Doctor – the local company that has been providing emergency plumbing services for over 40 years. With Slab Leak Doctor, you do not have to wait for days – our professionals are here to help you immediately, with no delay. 

With the help of our services, you can avoid the following serious problems:

  • Water damage. This type of damage is very expensive and can also cause other issues with structural damage, mildew and mold growth, and others
  • High water bills. Leaks can increase your water bill significantly. We are able to detect and fix existing leaks immediately, so you do not have to waste money on water. 
  • Damaged floors. A prolonged leak can make your floors stained and warped. Do not let it happen – hire our experts from Slab Leak Doctor to detect and fix leaks as soon as possible. 
  • Mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew can start growing throughout the house because of the moisture caused by leaks. You should not let them grow because they can be harmful to your health.
At Slab Leak Doctor, our mission is to provide exceptional open solutions and high-quality slab leak services 24/7. Therefore, if you have any questions, or you want to receive more detailed information about our services, feel free to contact us any time.