Slab Leak Services in Allen, TX

A slab leak is a plumbing leak occurring underneath the concrete slab foundation. A slab leak is a very serious and disastrous issue that can erode the home’s foundation and cause more costly problems, especially if it remains undetected and untreated for a long period of time. 

If you think there might be a leak in your house, it is important to invest in a licensed and experienced slab leak technician, who knows how to detect this type of leak and fix it. If you live in Allen, TX, or any other nearby area, here is the company that is ready to help you with slab leak repairs – Slab Leak Doctor. For over 40 years, it has been synonymous with excellent service and high-quality slab leak services. Our technicians are among the most experienced and skilled professionals in the region. At Slab Leak Doctor, we provide such services as tunnel jobs, hydrostatic testing, sewer protection, and leak detection.

Emergency Plumbing Services

If you are searching for quality and affordable emergency plumbing services in Allen, TX, do not search any further – the technicians at Slab Leak Doctor are ready to assist you. They have already helped over 4,000 customers, including homeowners, business owners, and estate professionals. They can find a leak and detect its source before it gets too late. As a result, such serious issues as the growth of harmful mold and mildew, increase in water bills, structural damages, and others are prevented. 


How Can You Know That There Is A Leak In Your House?

There are certain signs you should pay attention to as they may indicate that there is a leak in your house:

  • You are paying more for water. Have you noticed a recent increase in your water bill for no reason? It is one of the most common signs that there is a leak somewhere. The worst thing about slab leaks is that they are hidden, meaning that you may not see them. 
  • You smell mildew or mold. Leaks are always associated with excessive moisture. Moisture is the source of mildew or mold odor in the house. If you do not fix the leak on time, you may start seeing actual mold throughout the house. Therefore, experts recommend checking the basement, closets, and cupboards underneath sinks in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms regularly. 
  • The water pressure is lower. If there is less water coming out of your shower or faucets, that means that there is not enough water pressure. Turn off all the fixtures around the house and look at the meter. If it keeps running, you are probably dealing with a leak that needs to be detected and addressed immediately. 
  • There are changes in your home’s foundation. Leaks have a significant effect on the foundation, making it shift or settle. In addition, you may also notice cracks in the walls. 


Water Leaks

Insurance Coverage

At Slab Leak Doctor, we understand that leak detection and repairs cost money, and we want these services to be as affordable as possible for all our customers. Therefore, we help them to receive the maximum amount of their insurance coverage. We try to make the process for our customers as least stressful as possible, so they do not even have to call their insurance – it is our job. 


Do you find emergency plumbing services expensive? Most people do. At Slab Leak Doctor, we understand that paying for plumbing services upfront can be ridiculously expensive, and not everyone can afford it. For this reason, we decided to provide financial help by offering financing through Wisetack. With the help of Wisetack, you can receive up to $2,500 that you can use for any type of repair, including emergency plumbing services and slab leak services. 

Need Slab Leak Services?

Are you currently searching for a local company in Allen, TX that specializes in slab leak services? In this case, you should contact Slab Leak Doctor that has been in this business for over 40 years serving both residential and commercial clients. Our team consists of great professionals, who are able to detect all types of leaks and address them immediately. Our commercial and residential plumbing services provide you with peace of mind and allow you to prevent such serious problems as: 

  • Damaged floors. Prolonged leaks often cause serious issues and damage in the house, including floor damage. Floors often become buckled, warped, and stained, which means that you may have to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars to fix them. The best thing you can do is to protect your floors by preventing any leaks or detecting them on time. 
  • Growth of mildew and mold. Leaks cause mold and mildew to grow, and they can be very harmful to people’s health. According to numerous studies, bronchitis and asthma are often caused by mildew and mold. Therefore, addressing leaks on time allows you to avoid the growth of these pathogens and prevents health issues. 
  • High water bills. Most homeowners start suspecting leaks in their homes when they notice a sudden increase in their water bills. Do not let it happen to you – call Slab Leak Doctor to inspect your home thoroughly and make sure that there are no leaks. 
Regardless of the plumbing issue you are dealing with, Slab Leak Doctor is here to help. Our technicians provide quality emergency plumbing services, including slab leak services, and do it 24/7. That means that you can contact us any time and get all the information you need. Do not hesitate to contact us – we are always here for you by serving customers in Allen, TX, and other surrounding areas.