Anyone can have an outdoor kitchen slab, but not everyone knows how to maintain the beautiful look of these kitchen fixtures. Once you install your countertop and run the plumbing, it’s important to ensure the kitchen area is free of water leaks. That’s where the assistance of professional leak detection services comes in handy. 

From performing a water leak section in Frisco, TX, to undertaking timely repairs, the right plumbing company ensures your outdoor kitchen stays dry all year round, and your water bill remains normal. Call us today to get a water leak detection estimate via our phone.

What does every outdoor kitchen need?

Every outdoor kitchen needs to be properly equipped to handle the culinary needs of guests. You’ll need lots of countertop space for preparing, cooking, and serving food. You may also need ample space for dining or just a place where you can sit back and relax. Homeowners and business operators with outdoor kitchens will require flooring, sinks, cabinets, grills, and storage areas. If you need help in installing a plumbing line or troubleshooting a leak, contact our team.

What countertops are best for the outdoor kitchen?

Creating an outdoor kitchen with the appropriate countertops in Texas could enhance your ability as a great party host. Lucky for you, the market offers a range of countertops. Some designs and materials are better than others for outdoor use. Let’s look at some of the best countertop options for your outdoor kitchen.

Granite countertops: If you are looking for all-around, easy-to-use countertops, you won’t go wrong with granite. It’s available in a range of colors and offers unmatched durability for outdoor use. Granite can withstand the elements and all recipes, food, drinks, and chaos accompanying outdoor dining and entertainment. The material won’t etch, discolor, or lose its shine over time.

Quartzite countertop: Natural stone shares the same qualities as granite countertops and can create an excellent countertop for your backyard kitchen. It’s hard, durable, and will do its work with little fuss.

Soapstone countertop: Another fantastic option is soapstone. It’s highly resistant to heat and staining. Though it can get scratched, you sand the surface with ease. If you settle for soapstone, make sure you seal and oil it so fingerprints and liquids won’t darken the stone.

Slab countertop: Another popular option for homeowners with backyard kitchens is slab. It’s resistant to heat and durable. The material’s durability varies depending on the quality of construction and the density of the slab. You may have a countertop that can withstand stains or one that’s porous and susceptible to scratching, staining, or cracking. The greater the density, the higher its price.

Tile countertop: Tile shares the same attributes as slab, but it’s cheap. It can hold up reasonably well if it’s installed and maintained by professionals.

As you can see, you have quite a number of options for your home’s outdoor kitchen. The cost depends on the material you’ll use. To avoid any problem, fund out what material works best for your location based on local weather.

How do you run plumbing for an outdoor kitchen?

Start by setting up supply lines that are rated for outdoor use. For better drainage, entire the pipes slope gently. Secure them with two-hole clamps after every four feet. Ensure that you install shutoff valves and drain plugs at the lowest points of the plumbing system. With the supply piping right in place, you can now run the pipes through your house wall towards the outdoor kitchen skin all the way to the sink’s base cabinet. Thread adapters might come in handy in connecting your water supply line to the sink. Next, install additional outdoor sink plumbing. One way to do this is to install a drain pipe for your sink trap. Use an adapter to connect the PVC drain pipe with the sink trap. Finally, dig a dry well 10 feet away from the deck area. Dig a trench that empties into the dry well at a rate of 1/4 inch per foot, then run the drain line through the trench.

Can an outdoor kitchen get wet?

Yes, the outdoor kitchen can get wet after a hard rain if it’s not designed with proper drainage in mind.

How do you weatherproof an outdoor kitchen?

If you are thinking of creating an outdoor kitchen, you have to think of how to protect it from weather damage. Consider doing the following to weatherproof the backyard kitchen. Flooring – choose a material that can hold up to wet weather. Avoid standard ceramic as it might freeze and break when water infiltrates it in cold weather. Porcelain is a better option as it doesn’t absorb moisture. You also need to pay attention to your outdoor kitchen cabinets. You are going to run into problems if you settle for wood. Instead of using ordinary cabinets, purchase cabinets that are designated for the outdoors. Such designs can get wet and won’t cause problems.

When creating the kitchen canopy, ensure you put up some type of overhead canopy. It’s going to restrict sunlight and reduce the amount of rain or snow that gets into the kitchen area. Lastly, invest in stainless steel sink and appliances for your outdoor kitchen. Using a rust-resistant grill and refrigerator reduces the adverse effect that outside weather can have on your kitchen equipment.

Common causes of a slab leak

A shift in your home’s foundation is a major cause of slab leaks for many of our customers. The shift occurs naturally over time due to earth tremors, changing soil conditions, and other phenomena. But that’s not the only culprit. Water leaks in Frisco, TX might occur due to the following reasons:

Hire Water Leak Detection Services

Not every plumbing contractor in Frisco has the right combination of skills, knowledge, and experience to detect an underground leak located in the foundation or handle your slab leak repair. For professional slab leak detection in Frisco, TX, and neighboring areas, connect with us. Slab Leak Doctor offers timely and professional leak repair services. We can provide you with camera inspections to eliminate the guesswork of pinpointing the source of a plumbing leak in a slab so our technicians can quickly repair the water leak. We’ll address any issues that you suspect to our satisfaction.

Are you looking for a leak detection service? Contact Slab Leak Doct0r for professional leak repair.

Slab leaks can drive up your water bills, lower residential water pressure, and lead to the development of damp spots on your floor, among other issues. To reduce the damage caused by water leaks, contact our slab leak detection experts in Frisco, TX.  Slab Leak Doctor offers accurate detection and repair and can fix a myriad of problems, including leaking pipes, clogged plumbing systems, and broken sewer lines. Our plumbers are licensed, insured, and have the right tools for the job. If you need help to locate a nasty leak in your home in Texas, call our specialists at (214) 214-7522 during our office hours or schedule an inspection.


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