A potential slab leak is every homeowner’s nightmare. The problems it causes might range from excessive indoor humidity to mold growth to high water bills to foundational issues. It’s crucial for you to contact a slab repair company the moment you realize something is wrong.

Ways to Curb Slab Leaks at Home

As with everything, prevention is always better than cure. Let’s look at how you can curb slab leaks before they cause costly leaking slab repair and other problems around your home.

Treat Hard water

Hard water usually has an acidic pH that damages the pipe’s interior over time. Water pipes beneath the foundation slab will degrade and crack. Acidic water often leaves blue or greenish stains in your bathroom or kitchen sink. 

Invest in a water softener that eliminates minerals like calcium and magnesium from your water to curb this issue.

Regular water pressure

While high water pressure in your hot water line might feel good in the shower, it’s not always good for your pipe’s health. Too much pressure will cause your water lines to wear out and rupture eventually.  

Call your local plumber to inspect your system and adjust the water pressure if you feel it’s too high.

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

Pouring drain cleaners with harsh chemicals down the sink also affects your pipes. Avoid these chemicals if possible.  Contact your local plumber whenever the drains around your house get clogged.

How do you check for slab leaks?

Before performing slab leak repair, plumbing professionals have to carry out slab detection. There are two ways to go about it. The first is to do a visual check for common warning signs of a slab leak:

Slab Leak Repair FAQs

Below we answer some common questions related to a residential slab leak.

Can a slab leak cause foundation problems?

Left unchecked, under slab leaks can cause a myriad of foundation problems. A leaky water line or plumbing issues in your home’s foundation can cause a foundational shift or movement that destabilizes your home. 

Water infiltration might also cause cracks that could widen over time. The ensuring damage could set you back a few thousand dollars in foundation repair.

Is a slab leak dangerous?

Slab leaks are more than a source of annoyance for homeowners.  Their dangers may range from ruined floors to hazardous mold growth to serious foundation cracks. Once the floor becomes soggy, mold may sprout and turn the indoor air musty. 

Over time, slab leaks weaken your foundation and compromise your structure. If you suspect a slab leak, contact a professional service to perform the necessary spot repair or copper pipe repairs.

How does a plumber find a water leak underground?

If the signs of the leak are inconclusive, the plumbers will use advanced slab leak detection methods to discover leaks within the slab or soil. 

Electromagnetic pipe detectors are widely used to pinpoint the location of waterlines in or under your foundation. Sewer cameras and location detectors enable the plumber to check the pipe’s condition and the depth and location of visible leaks. 

Next, sound amplification devices are used to amplify the sound made by intact or leaking pipes. This technique enables the plumber to identify the exact location of a leak. 

We can help you locate leaks without using invasive methods such as jackhammering your floor.

Ways to make sure a slab leak doesn’t destroy your home

Various solutions exist for fixing a slab leak on the ground. You’ll want to avoid hiring a contractor that recommends or uses invasive methods on your foundation slab to uncover the problem, as it’s messy and often costly too.

Best leaking slab repair solutions

A professional contractor with years of experience fixing slab water leaks in Texas will use innovative solutions such as:

Epoxy restoration – Inserting a thin layer of epoxy coating in the interior of your copper pipes or galvanized steel hot water lines is a smart method of curbing leaks. Once the epoxy gets embedded in your water lines, it hardens to cover the cracks and holes in the leaky pipes.

Pipe section replacement – your contractor, might also drill a hole through the concrete slab then replace a portion of the damaged or broken water pipe. Sections of your flooring materials have to be removed.

Re-piping –  Suitable for repairing homes with multiple leaks. It’s also a comprehensive solution that curbs leaks for good. The plumber installs a new, durable copper piping system that uses expansion to results in secure fitting and a  leak-free system. It usually comes with a warranty that covers problems over its lifetime.

Will Insurance Cover the Slab Leak Repair Costs?

Whether insurance providers cover the cost of residential slab repair and foundation repair depends on the type of damage. Insurers won’t provide coverage for any damage due to the homeowner’s negligence or late repairs. 

Insurance providers often view that homeowners can avoid long-term damage by keeping up with home repairs. They are likely to cover any repair costs for slab leaks that are detected and fixed promptly. 

However, they are unlikely to pay for any leak that’s caused widespread damage over a long period. You must take fast and appropriate action as soon as possible to protect your home from slab leak damage, so your insurance won’t deny your claim.

Want to perform slab leak detection or repair a slab leak? Contact the Slab Leak Doctor today

Contact the professionals at Slab leak Doctor for a free plumbing repair quote. We can help you uncover slab leaks on your concrete floors or walls in Dallas, Texas, leading to a high water bill and water damage. 

Our slab leak detection is less invasive, and the repair costs are minimal. We can fix a slab leak in your property and do pipe re-routing to curb future leaks. Our team can help you file a claim with your insurance provider too. 

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