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About Slab Leak Doctor

Slab Leak Doctor is a slab leak detection & repair company that has been serving Frisco, TX for over 40 years.

We specialize in slab leak detection and repair, and have quickly become one of the most trusted experts in our field. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced with slab leaks, so you can rest assured knowing we’ll get your problem fixed right!     

At Slab Leak Doctor you can find out if there are any slab leaks on your property without having to spend thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars just for someone else to tell you whether or not there is a slab leak present. The service we offer will help save people time and money while preventing costly water damage to properties, both residential homes, and commercial buildings alike!

Company History

We started in the 1970s, and have been serving the Frisco, TX ever since. We have been in the industry for the last three decades and we have a group of slab leak repair specialists who are committed to providing prompt, professional service with a personal touch that sets us apart from other slab leak detection experts.

In recent years we’ve expanded our services beyond simple slab leaks to include general plumbing problems like clogs and root intrusion. This expansion has allowed us to offer more comprehensive solutions for your home or business’s needs than any competitor can match!  

Slab Leak Doctor's services

Slab Leak Doctor offers slab leak detection and repair services to homeowners, business owners, and real estate professionals. We are the most trusted name in slab leak detection and our local reputation is unparalleled because we have been servicing this North Texas area since the 1970s!

Foundation Leak Detection and Repair

Slab leak repairs is a service that can save you money, time and worry. Foundation leaks happen when water seeps through the foundation of your structure due to slab cracks or other related issues such as improper installation. With proper slab leak detection, homeowners have been able to avoid major repairs sooner than expected!  

Your home’s foundation deserves more than peace of mind from us–it needs quality service with our proven process guaranteed for results. Get in touch today so we can offer you a variety of slab leak repair options to help preserve your home’s safety and value.  

We also offer Residential plumbing services such as water heater Installation & Repair Hot Water Recirculation Systems Sewer Line Repair Service 

To detect any issues with the sewer lines or your entire line, watch your water meter for movement when faucets are turned off. Write down the water line meter reading, then return an hour later and re-check the reading. If there has been significant water usage during this time, you may have a leak (sound of running water). Conduct a pressure test on the entire water system. Utilize electronic amplification equipment to conduct what is called an acoustic survey.  Electromagnetic pipeline locators generate a specific signal to trace copper piping and provide a spot to begin slab leak repair

Symptoms of foundation and slab leaks include foundation movement and cracking walls, high water bill or water protrusion, warm spots on the floor Buckling Floors.

If your home is fitted with copper pipes the risk of leaks is elevated since copper is softer and hence more susceptible to the abrasive properties of water. In most cases, when slab leaks develop in older properties fitted with copper pipes, a repair may be out of the question as these need to be replaced.

Why should I call them?

If you live or work in the Dallas/Frisco area and have found evidence of water leaks, call Slab Leak Doctor for an inspection. A professional will come to your home or business to determine whether there’s any serious damage that might be caused by a slab leak on concrete slab.

You can also use our service if you are remodeling your property – we’re experts at finding leaks while building!

Is it time for new floors but don’t know where all those pesky slab leaks are? Give us a call before moving forward with construction so you’ll never find yourself leaving holes in newly concrete foundation  because they were put over top of an undetected slab leak!

If you want more information about slab leak detection and repair, call Slab Leak Doctor today at 214-214-7522.

How to know if you have slab leaks

There are a few signs that you may have slab leaks.  One of the easiest is seeing water dripping from your ceiling or walls, which could signal structural damage or mold growth on your basement floor due to moisture seeping in untreated cracks and gaps in the concrete below.

Slab leaks happen when water penetrates the cracks in a concrete floor slab or foundation wall and accumulates below the surface over time. The longer it takes to find out about them, the more damage slab water leaks  cause to your home or business property. A water leak can increase your water bill!

Many times the slab leak problem goes unnoticed for years until someone starts noticing some of their personal belongings have been damaged by mold growing inside of an old dresser drawer that was wet from being under a leaking sink in one corner of a room – which could be caused by undetected slab issues!

Slab Leak Repair

The most common cause of slab leak detection occurs when something like tree roots under driveways finds their way up between slabs causing pressure points around pipes creating what we call “air pockets.” These air pockets create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow, which in turn causes the slab to deteriorate and eventually crack

Slab leaks also can happen when water from washing clothes or defrosting food seeps down through pipes between slabs. Simply changing your dishwasher’s hose connection point or moving appliances that leak onto a more even surface may be all that is necessary for you to stop leaking problems on your basement floor.

The problem of slab leaks is best addressed by consulting with an expert before it becomes too late and irreversible structural damage happens. You need someone who knows how to watch for signs as well as techniques like acoustic sounding technology (STA), radiography, infrared thermography (IRT) plus others so you know where the problem spots are before noticing any visible signs of trouble.

FAQs Slab Leak Doctor

Why should I choose Slab Leak Doctor over other companies offering similar services?

One of the biggest reasons to choose Slab Leak Doctor is that they’re an exclusively slab leak detection service. Other companies may offer a variety of services, but what makes them different from others in this industry is their exclusive focus on slab leaks!

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